Why I Started DEB - the full story

In 2022 I adopted Beatrice, a loving siamese lynx, who adored being around both my partner and I, especially at night in bed 🐈‍⬛

However, I soon faced challenges as I developed allergies to dust mites and cats, leading to fitful sleep and puffy, swollen eyes. Determined to continue living with my beloved pet, I tried various remedies but found little relief. The only thing that helped was deep cleaning, but I often didn't know how much or when to clean. Then came the revelation - black bedsheets.

After the first night, I clearly noticed the accumulation of fur and dead skin cells on my bedsheets. This newfound awareness motivated me to wash my sheets diligently every week and use a lint roller for spot-cleaning in between washes. This change drastically reduced allergens and alleviated almost all of my symptoms.



With my sensitivities under control, I could finally allow Beatrice to sleep on my bed. It was such a game changer that I decided to create my own line of hypoallergenic, soft bedsheets.

Beatrice as a kitten 


These bedsheets have now become a staple in my life, with the revelation of hidden dust came some triumph over my microscopic fears. I envision DEB to be a thoughtful brand that prioritizes quality eco-friendly, non-toxic bed sheets that redefines what restful sleep looks and feels like.

Sleep well, dream fearlessly.

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