Nature inspired bedding

For better sleep

Deeper sleep, healthier you

Soft and durable bedsheets made of 100% TENCEL™ Eucalyptus Lyocell help wick away excess moisture from your skin while you sleep.

Eucalyptus Bed Sheet Set Eucalyptus Duvet Cover Eucalyptus Scarf Eucalyptus Jumbo Scrunchie

Silky smooth

with less friction for an even cooler experience.

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Anti bacterial

Lyocell fabric is naturally unfavorable for bacterial and dust mite growth due to it's outstanding moisture absorption ability and the smooth surface of each individual fibre.

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The unique structure of lyocell enhances breathability, promoting the body's natural thermal regulation—outperforming cotton with superior vapor absorption capabilities.

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Gentle on skin

Designed for sensitive skin but perfect for every skin type. Naturally soft to the touch and anti-static, you can say farewell to face creases and hello to healthier skin and hair.

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